Rolo loved this months box, especially the Beco Ball.

Beco Ball … This fun irregular ball, is made out of rubber and its very durable. It has a hollow design that allows it to be filled with your dogs favourite snacks. And it smells amazing … just like vanilla.

Bones from Happy Treats… These mini-bones will become your best ally when you reward your dog or treat him/her. Aside from being really tasty, they do not contain sugar and are made with only top quality ingredients. What more could you ask for ?



Stick from Pet Planet… This is a delicious and meaty treat made from fresh, natural ingredients. The perfect stick for different situations and the best option for the well-being of our doggies.

Snacks 8 in 1… Delicious premium chicken appetizers. Your dog will have the shiniest hair in the park with these linseed oil enriched low fat snacks. They come in a super convenient format with an easy-open bag to keep them fresh for longer.

Poop bags from Earth Rated… The cutest dispenser on the market is in the box this month. It has a convenient hook on the back that serves to hold the used bags. Say goodbye to not finding or losing bags when your outside. Includes a roll of 15 bags 🙂

All in all, Rolo is happy with everything. He absolutely loves the Beco ball. I’m going to get him a Beco bone and see if he’ll like that too. They have a good range of Beco products including bowls and frisbees.



Rolo received his BarkBeats subscription box to review last week.

Due to him having an operation last week we didn’t have time to have a look inside.

Today we had a look and there are some really great products inside and Rolo loved them.

RADICAL orange … A nice vibrant chew toy made from natural rubber. Prevents the formation of tartar build up.

STANFORD chicken necks … We all know that the taste for our furry friends is better when its more natural. They will love these chicken necks. Ideal for prizes 🙂

GEORPLAST frisbee … The classic game for your fog, but now it’s much stronger and with train like speed. What better way to start enjoying the sunny days like going to the park and playing with your dog and spending entertaining hours with this frisbee.

NILAQUA shampoo … Problems at bath time ? Would you not love to bathe your dog without water sometimes ? Yes, that’s what you read. With this shampoo you can bath your furry friend without water. Just apply it to the skin, massage it in to eliminate odors and dirt and then dry it off with a towel. Just like freshly out the salon 🙂

WILKO light snacks … Summer is coming. And our four-legged friend can also show off their beach look with these low-fat Wilko snacks. Who said tasty things make you fat !!