Here is a Look at Aprils MumTreats subscription box… Spring Party.

5 lovely items to help you welcome this delightful season.


YOUTHFUL RADIANCE MULTI ACTION CREAM BY GARNIER If you feel that your skin is less able to recover from those sleepless nights, this is the cream for you. Formulated to offer visible anti-ageing action, this 24hr hydrating moisturiser will help your complexion to look more radiant, luminous and smoother.

NUDE MAGIQUE BB BLUSH BY L’OREAL Need a bit of magic in your life ? Treat yourself with our Nude BB blush from L’oreal. The transparent gel offers a luxurious sensorial experience while recreating the texture and glow of healthy, natural skin. So pop it in your bag and use it everywhere.

CREAMY WASH-SCRUB BY MANHATTAN Your fight against spots and black heads has never been more easier to win. With gentle exfoliating beads, this formula removes bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells, ensuring pure and radiant skin.

ULTIMATE EDGE LIP GLOSS BY CALVIN KLEIN A gorgeous non-sticky lip gloss that adds weightless shine to your lips, with a hint of flavour infused in the gloss, that leaves your lips feeling luscious and supple with a rich colour.

MULTI-COLOURED STRIPED SCARF Fashion’s finishing touched are all in the accessories. With spring and summer coming, layer up with this statement scarf. Lightweight and multi-coloured, just perfect for those windy days.