HoneyTree Subscription box

Today I am reviewing HoneyTreePost.com the Stationery Lovers Club Subscription.

Lizbeth is the co-founder, Creative director / Queen Bee of HoneyTree 🙂

Her creative team loves to follow the seasons and trends, so whether its gloves and mittens on for spot of mulled wine and caroling or jam making for the village fete, there are Thank You Cards, Kitchen Labels & Tags,  Writing Papers and special edition prints .

This months theme was cactus’s. The theme was chose by the team to try and bring a little warmth of the mediterranean to the bleak January, and warm the far corner of your memory and remind you of those days in the summer sun.



In the box this month was :

1 x A5 : My mediterranean print ( you can frame these or possibly make them into planner dash boards for your filofax / planner which I intend to do ) 😀

1 x ‘5.5 x 5.5’ inch card ( blank on the inside ) with envelope

4 x cactus postcards and matching envelopes ‘ 4 x 6’ inch

3 x ‘5×5’ inch cards with cactus designs

1 x sheet of 4 cactus label stickers 3 x 1.5 inch


  • Subscription prices vary depending on how many months you sign up for : prices range from £10.50 to £15 month


  • You can also get a subscription box for your child : The young honeytree subscription : Designed for children 6-12yrs (Subscription prices vary depending on how many months you sign up for : prices range from £10.50 to £15 month)


Order today to receive your FREE new member welcome Post Box (worth £12)

Postage is free withing the UK – Prices vary for overseas.

HoneyTreePost collaborates with Post Pals. With every subscription, they donate £1 to the Post Pals ‘extra smiles campaign’ – Post pals concentrates on providing day in day out support to the pals and their family. Post pals is a charity focused on brightening the lives of sick children with ‘A card, letter or gift that can give a poorly child a lift’.

I really love this subscription service. The quality of the cards and paper are excellent and the designs are beautiful.

Thank you for creating such lovely stationery HoneyTreePost.

❤ Lexi 🙂 x



Vivadogs were very kind in sending a box for Rolo and I to review.

Rolo loved everything in the box, especially the Good Boy lizard toy.


In the box :

Kong Tennis ball – Rolo really liked this ball, mostly because it squeaks :D. This Kong ball has a special material that doesn’t break easily. And the material is not harmful on your dogs teeth.

Pigs guts Gloria – I didn’t get chance to take a picture of this as by time i got my camera Rolo had taken the chew and started eating it 😀 This was a natural dog chew, no additives and low in fat.

Sausage Biozoo – Rolo loves these little sausages. They are 100% homemade. They preserve all the authentic flavour & properties of the OX meat.

Lizard Armitage – Rolo absolutely loves this toy, he’s always playing with. A resistant toy that will hold many bites and pulls. Made from a special canvas material and a rope tail. I love that cheeky face it has 😀

Filled cereal snacks – Crunchy dental snacks perfect for refreshing Rolo’s mouth especially after those OX sausages 😀 The grain layers prevent tartar and the filling will give any pooch fresh breath with a scent of mint !

VIVADOGS LINK : uk.vivadogs.com

You can get your first box half price with code : FRY4AEJK62

I would recommend this box, it’s excellent value for money and you dog will love it.

Thank you VivaDogs

❤  Rolo & Lexi

I’m Back

Well, I’ve not been on here for a while :O   –  7 months !!!

Life took over and I failed to keep updating my blog like I wanted to.

My goal for 2017 is to try and blog at least once a week with an update of what I’ve been up to.

See you soon




Rolo loved this months box, especially the Beco Ball.

Beco Ball … This fun irregular ball, is made out of rubber and its very durable. It has a hollow design that allows it to be filled with your dogs favourite snacks. And it smells amazing … just like vanilla.

Bones from Happy Treats… These mini-bones will become your best ally when you reward your dog or treat him/her. Aside from being really tasty, they do not contain sugar and are made with only top quality ingredients. What more could you ask for ?



Stick from Pet Planet… This is a delicious and meaty treat made from fresh, natural ingredients. The perfect stick for different situations and the best option for the well-being of our doggies.

Snacks 8 in 1… Delicious premium chicken appetizers. Your dog will have the shiniest hair in the park with these linseed oil enriched low fat snacks. They come in a super convenient format with an easy-open bag to keep them fresh for longer.

Poop bags from Earth Rated… The cutest dispenser on the market is in the box this month. It has a convenient hook on the back that serves to hold the used bags. Say goodbye to not finding or losing bags when your outside. Includes a roll of 15 bags 🙂

All in all, Rolo is happy with everything. He absolutely loves the Beco ball. I’m going to get him a Beco bone and see if he’ll like that too. They have a good range of Beco products including bowls and frisbees.


Here is a Look at Aprils MumTreats subscription box… Spring Party.

5 lovely items to help you welcome this delightful season.


YOUTHFUL RADIANCE MULTI ACTION CREAM BY GARNIER If you feel that your skin is less able to recover from those sleepless nights, this is the cream for you. Formulated to offer visible anti-ageing action, this 24hr hydrating moisturiser will help your complexion to look more radiant, luminous and smoother.

NUDE MAGIQUE BB BLUSH BY L’OREAL Need a bit of magic in your life ? Treat yourself with our Nude BB blush from L’oreal. The transparent gel offers a luxurious sensorial experience while recreating the texture and glow of healthy, natural skin. So pop it in your bag and use it everywhere.

CREAMY WASH-SCRUB BY MANHATTAN Your fight against spots and black heads has never been more easier to win. With gentle exfoliating beads, this formula removes bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells, ensuring pure and radiant skin.

ULTIMATE EDGE LIP GLOSS BY CALVIN KLEIN A gorgeous non-sticky lip gloss that adds weightless shine to your lips, with a hint of flavour infused in the gloss, that leaves your lips feeling luscious and supple with a rich colour.

MULTI-COLOURED STRIPED SCARF Fashion’s finishing touched are all in the accessories. With spring and summer coming, layer up with this statement scarf. Lightweight and multi-coloured, just perfect for those windy days.


Card nest -Collection no.19

Today I received my CardNest subscription. 3 cards for £7.50

Wrap is the designer of the melon card. As well as their magazine, Wrap curates their own stationery line. The water melon card pictured was created in collaboration with Ruby Taylor. Lovely vibrant card, handy to have ready for any occasion. http://www.wrapmagazine.com

Cotton Letterpress is the designer of the coral and gold foil birthday card. Passionate for traditional craftsmanship in letterpress, together with modern design, Cotton Letterpress have combined fine letterpress with neon coral print and gold foil for this birthday design. A real treat. http://www.cottonletterpress.com

Meticulous Ink Bath-based Meticulous Ink return with their ‘Birthday Queue’ card design this month.Specialising in stationery design, illustration and lettering, they bring their designs to life through meticulous print processes. Love the the minimalist colour palette with this one. http://www.meticulousink.com 


Rolo received his BarkBeats subscription box to review last week.

Due to him having an operation last week we didn’t have time to have a look inside.

Today we had a look and there are some really great products inside and Rolo loved them.

RADICAL orange … A nice vibrant chew toy made from natural rubber. Prevents the formation of tartar build up.

STANFORD chicken necks … We all know that the taste for our furry friends is better when its more natural. They will love these chicken necks. Ideal for prizes 🙂

GEORPLAST frisbee … The classic game for your fog, but now it’s much stronger and with train like speed. What better way to start enjoying the sunny days like going to the park and playing with your dog and spending entertaining hours with this frisbee.

NILAQUA shampoo … Problems at bath time ? Would you not love to bathe your dog without water sometimes ? Yes, that’s what you read. With this shampoo you can bath your furry friend without water. Just apply it to the skin, massage it in to eliminate odors and dirt and then dry it off with a towel. Just like freshly out the salon 🙂

WILKO light snacks … Summer is coming. And our four-legged friend can also show off their beach look with these low-fat Wilko snacks. Who said tasty things make you fat !!






Day out at Crosby beach

Yesterday Myself, my partner and Rolo went to Crosby beach. We walked there from our house which took about an hour . We walked all the way across the beach, stopped off for a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows & cream and some chips too.

At Crosby beach there are a lot of Iron men. They are sculptures by Antony Gormley called ‘Another Place’.Another Place consists of 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along three kilometres of the foreshore, stretching almost one kilometre out to sea.

The Another Place figures – each one weighing 650 kilos – are made from casts of the artist’s own body standing on the beach, all of them looking out to sea, staring at the horizon in silent expectation.Having previously been seen in Cuxhaven in Germany, Stavanger in Norway and De Panne in Belgium, ‘Another Place’ is now a permanent feature in the UK, at Crosby Beach.

We also walked home from the beach, we did a total of 9 miles walking that day. How I managed it I don’t know. Little Rolo is a trooper. He loves walking and he did great to walk that far. We did carry him a few times though 😀

We saw one iron man with a t-shirt on that said ‘Be a match, save a life’. This is from the Anthony Nolan foundation. Please register, you could save someone’s life …  https://www.anthonynolan.org/

CardNest – collection no.18


I have always wanted to try out subscription boxes. Being a huge fan of stationery, I thought it was only right that I start of with a stationery related subscription. My first subscription service I am trying out is CardNext. You get 3 cards a month for £7.50. The cards are excellent quality. And the designs are beautiful.  www.cardnest.com/


Bonus card designed by Dicky Bird. London based business who aims to bring something more simple and graphic to the world of greetings. Clean shapes, mid-century design and all things Scandinavian influence to their collection. http://www.dicky-bird.co.uk


Card 1 designed by Ola studio. Katy Goutefangea is the talent behind Ola. Her fine art degree, coupled with a dedication and love for traditional craft and print production brought ola about in 2014. This design is just a taste of her signature style across her beautiful line of stationery. http://www.olastudio.co.uk


Card 2 designed by Dicky Bird. London based business who aims to bring something more simple and graphic to the world of greetings. Clean shapes, mid-century design and all things Scandinavian influence to their collection. http://www.dicky-bird.co.uk


Card 3 Cynthia Kittler is an illustrator and artist based just outside of Frankfurt in Germany. Card Nest were drawn to her textured lettering and illustration on this congrats card. Working with big name titles across the world. Card nest are honoured to have her designs in their collection. http://www.cynthiakittler.com