Vivadogs were very kind in sending a box for Rolo and I to review.

Rolo loved everything in the box, especially the Good Boy lizard toy.


In the box :

Kong Tennis ball – Rolo really liked this ball, mostly because it squeaks :D. This Kong ball has a special material that doesn’t break easily. And the material is not harmful on your dogs teeth.

Pigs guts Gloria – I didn’t get chance to take a picture of this as by time i got my camera Rolo had taken the chew and started eating it 😀 This was a natural dog chew, no additives and low in fat.

Sausage Biozoo – Rolo loves these little sausages. They are 100% homemade. They preserve all the authentic flavour & properties of the OX meat.

Lizard Armitage – Rolo absolutely loves this toy, he’s always playing with. A resistant toy that will hold many bites and pulls. Made from a special canvas material and a rope tail. I love that cheeky face it has 😀

Filled cereal snacks – Crunchy dental snacks perfect for refreshing Rolo’s mouth especially after those OX sausages 😀 The grain layers prevent tartar and the filling will give any pooch fresh breath with a scent of mint !


You can get your first box half price with code : FRY4AEJK62

I would recommend this box, it’s excellent value for money and you dog will love it.

Thank you VivaDogs

❤  Rolo & Lexi


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